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Admission Rules

The managment reserves the right to select or reject a pupil without giving any reason. A new student joining from any recognized school cannot be admitted without a transfer certificate TC from the previous institution.

The parent/Guardian of a beginner student must produce an official birth certificate eg. Municipal and Baptismal Certificate in support of the date of birth entered in the Admission form. Every new student Should have a medical certificate tprove her physical fitness at the time of admission from the competent Medical Authority.

Rules for Admission :

(1) The student are admitted in various classes before the session begins and in april on the basis of merit and interview.

(2) The parents/guardian are required to obtain the prospectous and registration form on payments from the school offices to seek admissions fro their wards. The form is required to be submitted within the Stipulated time period.

(3) A child seeking admissions in Class nursery must be three and a half years old at the time of admission. An attested copy of the birth certificate must be funished along with the registration form.

(4) Only registration does not gurantee admission unless the candidate has qualified the admission test and interview.

(5) The students seeking admission in the school have to qualify a test from Class I to VIII the students will be assessed in Hindi,English,Mathematics and Science and level will be of the class precceding the one to which admission is sought.